Project Description

Transfer Car

The DAMBACH Transfer Car is the perfect conveying element for the pre-zone. Easy connection to spur lines and transfer stations is made possible by the optional shifting unit. Up to four load carriers can also be transported simultaneously. Roller or chain conveyors as well as telescopic forks can be used as load handling devices.

Due to high travel values and payloads, material flows can be designed flexibly. Low approach dimensions as well as a compact design ensure optimum use of space. Due to the combination of lightweight design and optional energy storage, the transfer car is extremely efficient. The highly dynamic friction wheel drive also allows aisle lengths of up to 120 m. The traversing carriage can optionally be pre-installed and equipped with a control system.

Technical Data

Payload: Up to 3.000 kg

Temperature: -30 °C to +40 °C

Speed: Up to 180 m/min

Acceleration: Bis zu 1 m/s²

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