Project Description

Telescopic Fork Single Deep for Large Load Carriers

DAMBACH Telescopic Forks for the single depth storage of pallets, barred boxes, trolleys, and more stand out for the extraordinary quality of their materials and manufacturing. This means they offer long-lived functional reliability, support high availability, and provide efficiency.

All DAMBACH Telescopic Forks can be used flexibly and are secure when carrying their load. The flexible mounting plates mean that there are broad areas of application for the telescope – whether with conveyor technology, a single-bar lifting beam, a lifting frame, or a transport car. The optimized contact surface of the upper tables ensure security during carriage, reduced pallet wear, and precise positioning of the load carriers.

Loads of up to 1,500 kg with a simultaneously large storage depth are not a problem for the robust design. In particular, the DAMBACH single deep telescopes
release their full potential when combined with multiple individual tines, and can even handle special load carriers.

Technical Data

Payload: Up to 1.500 kg

Temperature: -30 °C to +40 °C

Speed: Up to 120 m/min

Acceleration: Up to 5 m/s²

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